You Won't Believe Your Eyes! These 20 Optical Illusions From Nature Are Mind-Blowing

Having the camera in the right hands at the right place can capture nature as never seen before. Their first appearance may deceive you. Here given are 20 optical illusions which are rare, stunning and can only be found in nature.

Mauritius - A Beautiful Illusion of Underwater Waterfall

Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia - The Place Renowned for Illusions

That's How Trees Appear On Ground in Baja California River

Witness a Beautiful Fata Morgana (Mirage)

Brocken Specter, Germany - When Sun Shines Behind You

Green Flash - A Stunning Phenomenon of a Second or Two

Apache Head, France - Can You See It?

Wave Rock Formation, Arizona - Nature Is Artistic

Lake Reflections - When It is Hard to Distinguish Between A Real and Reflected Image

Glen Canyon, Utah - Edge of A Cliff or Still Lake Reflection?

The Colorado River - Is It Truly Running On the Ground Top?

Tornado of Fire, Spain - Stunning

Atlantic Road, Norway - A Road To Nowhere! Are You Sure?

Horsetail Firefall, Yosemite - It is A Water Fall Illuminated by Sun!

Sun Dogs - A Must to See Ring

The Moon Illusion - When Moon Lies Low

Fallstreak Hole - Not An UFO but A Hole In the Clouds

Zebra Illusion - When They Appear As One

Spider’s Web - Fascinating

Undulatus Asperatus Covering the Plains of the USA