You Won't Believe Why Those 21 People Abandoned Their Luxury Cars In Dubai

Are you saving money to buy your dream car? Well...go on, keep on saving! I know it's hard to do that when you are only earning enough for you and your family. Unlike these people in Dubai, who can easily abandon their luxury cars right there and then when they want to! Are they that filthy rich or very stupid? Scroll the pages to know!

Dusty cars like this red BMW can be seen around Dubai's airport car park.

There are so many cars left in there, and they're clogging the parking lots.

A silver gray BMW has notices left in the dashboard.

The owner of this gray Crossley car did not come back for it.

A Ferrari Enzo has a whopping price of $1 million yet it was still abandoned.

Anyone would die to have this black Ferrari.

But car owners in Dubai didn't care how costly their high-end cars are.

Do you want to know the reason why they did this?

They don't want to go into prison!

The owners of these luxury cars have debts due to bounce checks, unpaid mortgages, credit card debts, etc.

Like other Arab countries, UAE observes the Sharia Law.

Thus, imprisonment awaits those who have accumulated debts.

People have the tendency to loan money to buy their cars.

They believed that they should buy luxury cars to show others that they're getting richer with whatever business or career they have.

But then, Lady Fortune turned her back on them, and their used to be good business took a bad turn.

They were left with huge debts that they cannot afford to pay anymore.

Rather than going to prison, the car owners fled the country.

They leave their cars in the airport's parking lot.

The police issues warning notice to abandoned cars by leaving them on the dashboard.

If no one comes forward to claim them, the cars will be impounded by the police and later on auctioned off.

This practice continues with more or less 3,000 high end cars being abandoned yearly.