You Think You Have Captured The Greatest Selfie? Just Wait Till You See These Extreme Selfies - They Have Crossed Every Limit

Selfie fever is around and everyone is posing looking at their own cameras in their own hands. But some people want the best selfies ever and they reached great heights to achieve that; literally great HEIGHTS! Just look at these pictures and you will stop posing in front of your room's mirror now!

A Skydiver's Selfie

It is the selfie in which he's taking the clouds too when he is above them!

Selfie With The Cat

You like to take selfies with your cat normally! What about selfie with this cat?

Top Gun Selfie

Well! When they are making combinations above they are also grabbing some special moments for themselves.


Who would have thought that this small window could turn out handy for a selfie!

BMX Selfie

Look at the timing and the track! Just brilliant and master selfie taker!

Crazy Pilot

He just wanted his whole plane also in the shot!

He Is Hanging!

Yes! He is hanging and look closely he is also not alone!

Diver's Selfie

He was diving in the pool and got enough time to take his own picture!


Even the dangerous road and high speed drive could not stop his selfie craze.

Chopper Selfie

He too wanted to have the selfie with the whole chopper.

S.O.S. Selfie

Well! That's a right time to take a selfie or not only he could tell!

Two Crazy Men

They are crazy but their idea is surely great.

Where Is He?

Where he actually is! Any idea people about his position?

In The Air Selfie

Just look at the height he is and all he cares about is taking a selfie!

Surfing Selfie

With all the water and speed, he just wanted to know how he looked!

#3I Would Hate to Be This Kid's Mother

My question is not that why he is taking a selfie like that, but my real concern is how he reached this height!

Selfie With The Bull!

I want to see the picture he had in his own camera!

Space Selfie!

The problem with the outer space selfie is that you cannot make a duck face!