You Might Want To Know These 20 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

If you are fond of drinking alcoholic beverages then you might want to know some facts about your favorite drink. These facts go back as far as thousand years ago and they are all interesting to learn. Why not read the following as you take a sip of your alcoholic drink for good measure?

The highest minimum drinking age is in the United States.

Cocktails became popular during the Prohibition to mask the flavor of poorly made alcohol.

According to research, 0.7 of the wold’s population is drunk at any given time.

An estimated of 5,000 people below 21 years old die from alcohol-related incidents in the US every year.

People with more body fat have lower alcohol-intolerance than muscular people.

A popped cork from a champagne bottle can cause serious damage because it travels 60 miles per hour.

Cenosillicaphobia is a fear on an empty glass.

Czech Republic is the most beer-drinking country in the world with almost 40 gallons a year consumed.

Tarantula Brandy, a popular drink in Cambodia, is a blend of dead tarantulas and rice liquor.

Brewmeisters Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer.

In Europe, many high school cafeterias serve alcohol to students.

Late President Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license and operated many taverns.

It is against the law to get a fish drunk in Ohio.

5 billion liters of Vodka are consumed every year, making it the world's most popular liquor.

One of the French vineyards requires workers to scrape the soil off their shoes as soil is valuable.

Brandy came from the Dutch word brandewijn – meaning burnt wine.

Real Tequila has no worm in it, just mescal – it’s lower-quality cousin.

Same amount of alcohol can be found in a pint of beer, a glass of wine, and a shot of vodka.

Sir Winston Churchill was one of the world’s heaviest drinkers while Adolf Hitler was one of the world’s best known abstainers.

The Billionaire Vodka is the world’s most expensive vodka for just mere 3.75 million dollars per bottle.