You May Want to See These 15 Celebrities' Body Parts (And It's Price Tags...)

Many celebrities are living the life that we wish we have: beautiful homes, luxurious cars, successful careers, and business investments that span globally. Not only that! These celebrities are ensuring that they could get a fortune out of their personal assets - their body parts! It's not only Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez folks! These celebrities have expensive body parts as well!

Adam Lambert insured his vocal cords for a whopping $47 million. It would be an honor for anyone to get inside his throat then!

Louis Tomlinson's butt is worth $160,000. Hmmm...I have a mind to Google it if it's worth the price.

Rihanna made sure that she got $1 million for her legs. With her iconic status, she should have insured her whole body!

Troy Polamalu will not be cutting his hair for a lifetime if it's insured for $1 million. I wonder how he kept the lice away?

$1 million for Miley Cyrus' tongue? No wonder she loves showing them anywhere! The boyfriend might be feeling lucky huh!

Kim Kardashian's buttocks are worth $21 million. Well, that can be expected! Her ASS-sets made her famous anyway!

Daniel Craig was smart to insure his whole body for $8 million. Accidents might happen in the set of his action movies you know!

David Beckham's legs helped him get juicy contracts you know! And insuring them for $70 million is well-deserved.

David Lee Roth's sperm is worth $1 million. I am very interested in knowing the terms and condition for this. How about you?

Claudia Schiffer is still beautiful and ageless. It's not a surprise if her face is insured for $1 million.

Holly Madison's breasts cost $1 Million. How fortunate are those people who can touch those million-dollar breasts!

The male counterpart of Miley Cyrus, Gene Simmons' devilish tongue also worth $1 million.

I wonder when can Bruce Springsteen claim the staggering $5.7 million for his voice?

Kylie Minogue's butt is good for $5 million but I believe her legs can do better!

I've seen many legs sexier and more beautiful than Mariah Carey but she believes her legs are worth $1 billion. Well, it's her money anyway! Just let her be!