Would Buy These Crazily Priced Regular Items?

It's surprising to know how everyday needs like bottled water, pens and food could cost!

$1,300,000 Toilet Paper

When would you like to use this 3-ply tissue made of gold flakes?

$2,600 Choco Truffle

Wondering what's with this chocolate?

$60,000/750 mL Bottled Water

Anything special about Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani?

$500,000 Bike

The Trek Butterfly Madone is definitely for the filthy rich.

$800-$1,815 Beer

Willing to get drunk with Antarctic Nail Ale?

$250,000 Shirt

You gotta be careful while wearing this top with 3 kilograms of gold.

$2,300 Hotdog

Is New York's 230 Fifth a must-try?

$1,470,000 Pen

Your boss might want to receive an Aurora Diamante fountain pen as a gift.

$250/gallon Popcorn

Berco's Billion Dollar Popcorn is too much to munch while movie watching.

$2,350 Perfume

Any guy would be elated to get a Clive Christian No. 1 pure perfume!

$408,496 Sunglasses

Is the price right for a pair of Chopard?

$2,000,000 Booze

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande champagne sounds too royal.

$600 Coffee

For $50 a cup, is Kopi Luwak far better than Starbucks?

$3,300 Socks

Vicuna socks can obviously be more expensive than most of your shoes.

$2,850,000 Car

Don't be surprised- it's a Ferrari 250 GTO!