Woah! Aren't These The Most Hilarious Senior Yearbook Quotes Ever?

Do you want to know the secret to being famous nowadays? I'll bet you're very interested! The secret: write funny quotes in your yearbook! The funnier, the better! Just look at these witty quotes written by the class of 2014!

You can shorten a long statement with emoticons. Brilliant James!

Thanks Mitchell! Now I know what you'll do when you suck in the future!

If you're 72% water Alex,may I know what makes up the rest of you?

Too confident of your good looks huh! Greg, the girl snatcher!

Ethan is proud to be one of the idiots!

An eye for an eye...a tea for a tea! That's the rule of life Jason!

Who's telling the truth here? I'm confused!

Hope twin life did not regret its choice then!

Cheated all his exams and he's proud to admit it! Tsk, tsk!

It must have been tough to be the girl that guys don't want to date huh!