What Brand Labels Really Want to Say to Consumers, Haha

Product signs or labels don't completely say what they really are. It's the trick of trade in marketing. Anyhow, people still buy these brands. That is despite the fact that products are promoted with a dash of half truths. Well, it's time to know the real thing!

Their soup is evidently salty.

So, you have to take a bite one after another, quickly!

Yes, you didn't.

It's actually the help you need, right?

You can't hide it.

Same taste, same calories?

You got it right!

It doesn't matter.

Yeah, we all noticed this.

This drink's to the rescue!

Do they really mean this?

Are the chips that thin?

So pricey that ordinary people don't buy it.

It's that tough.. and useful!

Removes the odor, but not the dirt.