Top 15 Back to the Future Predictions That Became a Reality

"Back to the Future" was a top grossing film in the 1980's. The viewers, both kids and adults, back then knew very well about the time travel adventure of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd). The movie was a combination of humor and inventiveness. It was a perfect combination of comedy, action, romance and sci-fi. No doubt, the movie and its cast got high praises. The second part of the trilogy was released in 1989. The plot featured Marty and Doc traveling to 2015- our time now! Boy, part 2 gave a lot of hints of how the present year would look like. True that a lot of them were just guesses or predictions, but we are seeing some of them now.

You might want to try levitating through the hoverboard.

No need for wired joysticks because motion-controlled video games are in.

Even a toddler knows how to use a tablet today.

Upside down gardening is considered by those living in small spaces.

Self-cleaning shirts are mad possible by hydrophobic nanotechnology.

Wear the Google glass and take photos, check the weather, read current events, etc.

Some moviegoers opt for the more thrilling films in 3D.

And yes, your tablet can now project holographic images.

Through video conferencing, there's a way to hold meetings with anyone from different parts of the world.

Every family can aim to own a smart home.

Goodbye to laser discs, DVDs and CDs!

Thanks to technology for bringing dead celebrities like Tupac back on stage.

See that wall-mounted television in your neighbor's living room?

Too lazy to tie your shoe laces? Nike has the right pair of sneakers for you.

All your favorite channels in a multi-window monitor.