Timing Is Everything - Images That Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

It is used in movies, magicians and even in personality evaluations – optical illusions has been a part of humanity since, well, from the day we found out we can see! Photographers often use optical illusions to improve or even create an intrigue in their shots; others just use applications that render or edit the images themselves; while for the lucky ones, just clicking the camera button at the right time, angle and place! Some photographers even look for those moments, but whether they are sought or by accident images like these will always boggle the minds of those who look. Here are 16 of amazing shots that create mind blowing optical illusions that will force you to double take or even look at the image again and again and again, trying to figure out what’s what or where’s where.

take a picture of the boat at the right time of the day, and it will float

Somebody's neck is in danger

Whose? Where? What?

When your two hands are not enough

This guy must be 10 feet tall!

That is a brave guy, wait...

This is the rare tri-buck horn, just kidding.

Are they attached?

The Dude just came out of the picture!

He must be from the war, wait....

Let me look at it real quick

She sometimes levitates randomly...

What? oh! he isn't naked

Quick! I gotta hide! There's no time to explain!

She may have a condition.

A new species is discovered!