This Guy's Body Transformation Will Leave You Wondering Why He Did That.

One ordinary guy has undergone stages of body modification that will leave you reeling in shock! It's not just hairstyle changes, body piercings and tattoos folks - it's more than that! It's indescribable! I'm out of words!

This is how his journey started...

He's just an ordinary kid living an ordinary life.

Until he thought of wearing an ear stud.

He started hanging out with friends from the hood.

He added a stud below his lips.

But he thought nose rings and studs would be better.

He painted his nails black.

But he stood out from his old friends.

So he decided to stick with his new friends and do what he likes best.

He got some implants on his forehead to have horns.

And have his tongue split in two.

His piercings have gone up to his forehead.

He cut his face to get scars.

His ears were stretched down by the weight of his heavy earrings.

He even tried inserting a bar on the sides of his nose.

He had his tongue tattooed black.

He got eye tattoos like his pal.

He decided to get a permanent ink on his face.

He looks more bizarre than ever.

He likes to do this on his break time.

He's done with his face so he focused on his body tattoos.

He dates girls who have the same interests as his.

But he's not satisfied with his looks yet.

So he poured some blood on his face to get the terrifying image that he wants...and he succeeded!