This Guy Used 8,000+ Post-Its To Transform His Office Into A Nerd's Dream

Ben Brucker works at a creative agency in San Francisco, but his office walls were anything but inspiring.

The graphic designer decided to fix this by putting his skills to good use.

Brucker and his boss tossed around ideas and landed on a "superheroes" theme, made out of Post-It notes.

Their medium of choice made the most sense in terms of planning and time-efficiency for its execution. Painting would take much longer and require more work for its removal.

Using Photoshop, he created pixelated versions of some of their favorites.

He then did a digital mockup of what they might look like and loved it.

So, all that was left was sticking all 8,024 Post-Its on the wall.

It became an office project.

Pretty much all hands were onboard.

Including nearby kids.

After a couple of weeks of designing, planning, and ordering the materials, Brucker's nerdy dream became a reality.

The bland walls were given new life.

And it was all done on a $300 budget!

You could say these temporary superheroes saved the office (from boredom).

They've certainly given the place something better to look at.

""We've gotten a lot of positive feedback," Bucker told Reddit.

"And people from all over the building have been coming to check it out."

I mean, it's a pretty impressive feat with nothing but "super sticky" Post-Its.