This Girl Looks Like Angelina Jolie And She Is Totally A Killer

Chelsea Marr is a 24 year old who lives in Scotland. Wherever she goes, she can't stop hearing about her unbelievable resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Despite all of the attention she gets, she has no interest in modeling or quitting her day job and she constantly thanks everyone for the compliments and the kind words. So does she really look like Angelina Jolie? Take a look and judge for yourself

Such Beautiful Women

Just Unbelievable. Practically Identical

Maybe Angelina has another child?

Looks Like A Younger Version Of Angelina Don't You Think?

All That Beauty And Still She Gave Up Modeling

When You Look Like That It Is No Wonder People Keep Asking To Take A Picture With You

Honestly, I Would Have Asked Her To Take A Picture With Me As Well

Would You Have Been Able To Tell The Difference?

It's almost impossible