Things That Made You a Cool As a 90's Kid..#5 Is Epic!

If you were a 90's kid, you definitely know what were the things that make us cool back then. Here are some of the things that we actually loved during our younger years.

Almost every 90's kid wanted to have a pair of roller blades!

If you had this, there is no doubt that you were once a cool kid.

Slap bracelets were the "thing" before. If you did not have one, then you were never cool. Lol.

Hypercolor was one of the best color to wear during the 90s. Do you agree?

Admit it! You had an overall before and you tried to wear it with one strap unbuttoned simply because it was cool

If you were a 90s kid, you surely know bubble tape was the best kind of gum.

90s kids knew that when their pants were on backwards, they were absolutely cool!

A pair of Rebooks made you one of the coolest guys before, right?

If you owned a Super Soak before, then you are a real man. Congrats!

If you were cool, you should had owned the red and blue version of Pokemon at the same time.

Tamagotchi was a craze. Every Tamagotchi owner always had time to take care of their Tamagotchi pet.

You tried to get a VHS copy of Kids even when you didn't plan on watching it.

You once had a super wide pair of JNCO jeans.

Doc Marten was your favorite pair of fashion shoes. Am I right?

A cool 90s kid had Zubaz pants. Did you have one? Well, I did!

You were so popular among local video store clerks.

Who cared about having a CD player before? No one! A walkman disc was the thing before!

Who cares about iPhone when pager was already enough to make you the coolest kid in town?

The best TV shows were shown during Friday nights. This was why you always go out on Saturdays.

You owned CK One before and this was the reason why you were so popular among men/women.