They spent thousands on surgeries to look like celebrities (19 Photos)

Toby Sheldon to Justin Beiber It only cost his life savings, £60,000 (about $90,000)

Xiaoqing to Jessica Alba

Herbert Chavez to Superman which took him 16 years.

Ashley Horn to Lindsay Lohan Ashley (who spent $25,000 transforming into Lindsey in her prime) is actually Lindsey’s half-sister too. Have fun at thanksgiving. you two.

Nadya Suleman to Angelina Jolie Nadya Suleman A.K.A. Octomom

Brothers Matt and Mike Shlepp to Brad Pitt

Mikka Jay to Michael Jackson

Nileen Namita to the Egyptian Goddess Nefertiti cost an estimated $360,000 for 51 surgeries.

Sha Ross to Pamela Anderson

“Kitty” to Jennifer Lawrence cost $25,000

Valeria Lukyanova to a Barbie Doll Cost of becoming a doll? $800,000

Justin Jedlica to a Ken Doll and it only cost $100,000

Lisa Connell to Demi Moore

Nicolas Ryan to Ryan Gosling

Deborah Davenport to Kate Winslet Tired of being told she looked like Cameron Diaz, Deb spent a cool S15k to take on Kate Winslet’s look instead.

Crystal “U” to Britney Spears Crystal was an office worker who dreamed of being a stripper… She said she needed the surgery to boost her confidence on stage.

Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Lopez (two different people)

Myla Sinanaj to Kim Kardashian Creepy levels of “coincadence” here. Myla actually dated Kim’s former Husband Kris Humphries, and they even made a s*x tape.

Jordan James Parke to Kim Kardashian $150k spread across 50 surgeries to achieve Kim K’s “look”.