These Things Found In Backyards Makes Me Want To Search Up My Backyard!

Do you live in a house with a large lot? If yes, have you completely explored your backyard yet? Well, you better start now because you might find amazing things like these somewhere in your backyard!

A Whale Fossil

Gary Johnson from Califonia found a large rock with a bone pattern in his backyard in 1978.

Two Church Bells

A man from Czech Republic excavated two large church bells made 400 years ago in his backyard in 2013.

A Loaded Machine Gun

In Northest Calgary, Canada, a man discovered a plastic bag containing a loaded machine gun in his backyard.

An Alligator Swimming In The Pool

Sharon Bente and her husband from Braderton, Florida found an alligator swimming in their backyard pool.

A Whopping $150,000 Cash

Unemployed, Wayne Sabaj from Illinois found $150,000 cash inside a nylon bag when he picked broccoli in his backyard.

Six Meteorites

A man living in northern Bosnia in Serbia found meteorites in his backyard.

A Treasure Trove Dating 650 Years Ago

In 2007, an Austrian Man discovered a treasure trove of rings, brooches, ornate bucles, and more in his backyard in Wiener Neustadt.

A Hundred WWII Bombs

People residing in a 12,000 plus acre area in Orlando, Florida which was once a World War II bombing range discovered bombs in their backyards.

Ten Million Dollars Of Gold Coins

A canister containing 10 million dollars of gold coins was found by a couple from Sierra Nevada, California.

A Fallout Shelter

The Zwick family from Neenah, Wisconsin found a fallout shelter underneath their backyard.

A Gold Nugget

An 8.2-pound lump of gold was dug up by a Californian man armed with a metal detector and a shovel in his backyard in 2011.

Foxes Jumping On The Trampoline

Two foxes were seen jumping on a trampoline in a manas backyard.

A mammoth Femur

A mammoth bone was discovered by a family picking fruit in their backyard in Iowa in 2010.

Dino 246 GTS Ferrari

Two kids found a stolen Ferrari buried in a backyard in Los Angeles in 1978.