These [email protected]#Hole Moves Will Give You Tummy Aches For Being The Funniest Ever!

The [email protected]#hole things people do can make you angry and laugh at the same time. You would think you're going crazy but don't worry - this is not a mental case that would make you end up in a straitjacket! It's just a common reaction of normal people to the not so normal moves of normal-looking people. Know what I mean? Why not check these out then!

This is a bin isn't it?

Dave must badly need a wake up call to get this chili tea!

The husband might be looking for a better-tasting cookie, and he failed!

This one deserves a vandal! Spray paint please!

This must be made by a non-English manufacturer. They're very literal!

You can call that [email protected]#hole cabron if you like! That's Spanish for male goat! Meeeh!

Your name is not Samson if you cannot topple that tissue tower kitty!

It is called a dumpster for a reason after all! Attaboy!

These [email protected]#holes deserve an ass-kicking ticket for trying to beat the red light!

UPS man must be in a hurry!