These 20 Old People Believe They're Too Cool For Their Age

Who says that getting old means you have to become grumpy all the time? This is the stage when being badass makes younger people admire you the most - even your grandchildren! Just see these old people who have not lost their awesomeness a bit!

Grandmas got wasted on graduation.

Grandpa drinks pimpy juice.

Grandpa wearing a Batman mask.

Badass Grandma shirt to go with the face.

Grandma dressed as Princess Leia to a wedding.

Grandpa with his girlfriends.

Grandma's own version of Wonder Woman costume.

Free ticket from an old man.

Old woman getting a tattoo.

Grandma having fun at the DJ booth.

Grandpa climbed a tree.

Old man wearing a G Unit jacket.

Rode a motorcycle on her 100th birthday.

Old lady carrying an M-16 rifle.

Old man won a pole dancing contest.

Grandpa wearing lipstick and blush-on.

Old man skyjumped off the Stratosphere.

Grandpa did not care about the sign.

Old man wearing a Superman costume under his police uniform.

Grandma's special license plate.