These 16 Ad Placements Are Outrageously Terrible, Especially No. 9!

Ads are created in order to catch the people's attention and convince them to buy the products or services. Thus, it is important that companies got the message through by creating eye-catching ads and posting them at inconspicuous places. However, some companies forgot to consider the appropriateness of placing the ads in these places - at least, they gave us something to laugh at!

Get help for gambling ad in a casino flyer.

An ad asking donation for hungry children and Slim-Fast shared a page.

McDonald's ad in The Biggest Losers magazine.

A grieving grandmother ad overlapped by car insurance offer.

Bigger pen*s ad in Spongebob's page.

Dead Ross Harris is pouring juice when this ad appeared.

A mobile ad appeared on the MH17 news update.

An ax keychain ad on an amputated pen*s story.

Comcast ad on a Comcast story.

Pedigree ad on Huffington Post's article about a killer family dog.

Smoker burns to death article with a lighter ad.

Fireworks ad placed beside newspaper article on landmine.

An American Apparel ad below a hair salon ad.

A news on genital mutilation with a knife ad.

Mud from the bus wheel splattered the butt in bikini ad.

"Don't let them in" poster beside Proud American born in the Philippines poster.