There Are Many Rules In Our World, And Nobody Can Deny These 17 Hilarious Facts.

One look at them and you'd know that you would just rather have to shut up and agree absolutely that they are indeed RIGHT!

Meeting the Lyricist...

You'd have to be much concerned about the guy who posts too much lyric songs on his FB status, Twitter or IG, he's hurt by love.

When a Student Fights Back

... it has to be outside school grounds. So, teachers, better run for cover.

The Two Sides of Men

There is the Sober Kind and the Drunk Kind. Yes, you'd rather like them drunk.

Judging a Phone By Its Inbox

"Tell me how many messages you have in your Inbox and I'll tell you the level of your anti-social skills."

There's no "Too Much" in the Depressed

You don't tell the depressed that it's enough.. It's never enough. Never.

The Smoker vs the Fat Guy

You gotta love the Smoker. At least, he knows he smokes. Some fat guys don't know they're fat but you have to give in to their illusion.

Do the Math

And if he eats up 7 more, he'd be in a really bad shape of Diabetes.

Everyone Loves a Good Discount

That's how supermarkets earn big time.

For the Love of Shoes

You don't argue with a chick for shoes. It's one vital principle that no one should question.

Love Isn't Enough

Good looks should matter too.

When Petting Goes Overboard

You'd know you've reached 2nd base if your feline bites.

A Whole New Meaning of the Word "Teamwork"

"If we all work together and blame that one guy, we'd be ALL safe."

There's No Denying About That One

Reality bites, man.

The Break-Up Opportunity Cost

Sometimes, you gotta let the girl go to unleash her pretty side.

A Well-Compensated Cover Page

It's the best description for a Cover Page to "compensate" for the shitty content of your whole report basically. Genius.

The ADHD Misconception

There is a whole new meaning to the word "Attention".

"It's Not Gonna Happen"

No matter how much Will tries, Jaden will always be under his shadow.