The White House accidentally congratulates a baby on his '101st birthday' (5 Photos)

The Shosted family of Utah have a tradition of requesting birthday greetings from the White House for their children. However, they’ve never received one like the letter they got for their son Benjamin who turns 1 next week.

The note reads, “Dear Benjamin: Happy 101st birthday!” and was printed on official White House stationary. It was also signed by President Obama and the first lady.

It went on to call Benjamin “an integral part of the American narrative” who has “witnessed the best of what our Nation can accomplish when we work together.”

The Shosteds say that this letter even looks different than the other ones because it appears that it was actually signed, and not computer generated. They think it might have gotten switched with an actual centenarian’s letter.

It could be a mistake, but it could also be the government telling us that the “young” boy is in fact Mr. Benjamin Button himself. Or not. Either way, Benjamin’s dad jokes about the letter, saying “We’re still waiting to collect our social security checks for him.”