The Truth About North Korea That Outsiders Might Want To Know

People from other countries all over the world are curious about North Korea. Why do they keep to themselves - locked away in their old and strict traditions? There are so many whys, so many hows to answer! The following facts might help in shedding light to the intriguing country of North Korea!

Punishment covers three generations.

An average citizen has no free time from work.

Use of cannabis is legal in North Korea.

Kim Jong Il has "abilities" uncommon of a normal person.

Their largest nuclear warhead is not that frightening as claimed.

A space program with only 20% success rate.

Holocaust-like slavery in Hoeryong concentration camp.

The second happiest country after China according to North Korean researchers.

An accordion test to get teaching certification.

Built a propaganda city to encourage South Koreans to defect.

A government controlled radio in every household.

Idolatry is second-nature to ordinary citizens.

North Korea marks years from the birth of Kim Il-Sung.

Literacy depends on the ability to write "Kim-Il-Sung."

Execution by mortal shell is done in North Korea.

The constitution of North Korea is a theory not practiced.

Current economy is only 2.5% of South Korea's.

Mock election held every 5 years.

Only 605 people use Internet.

North Koreans are being sold to logging camps in Russia.