The Secret Behind Hollywood's Visual Effects That You Have to See Today!

We head to theaters on their opening day and become amazed of the scenes with jaw-dropping effects. But, what if we discover everything behind the movies' astounding clips?! Check out this gallery for yourself!

District 9

Do you remember this scene from the science fiction action thriller?

Life of Pi

So, now we know that Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, is not real.

Life of Pi

Here's another part of the movie where Richard did not really exist.


This is the other reason why this flick is under the science fiction category.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Not as stunning as you thought it was when you watched in the cinema!

The Great Gatsby

There it is- the made up 1920's New York City!

The Great Gatsby

There's the unreal background that probably caught your attention, as well.

Game of Thrones

As a matter of fact, there were no structures during the shoot.

Game of Thrones

And no beautiful landscape and river, just a blue screen!

World War Z

Were you able to witness this film with Brad Pitt as a zombie fighter?

The Secret In Their Eyes

You gotta admit that it would be hard to film a scene with thousands of extras.

The Walking Dead

This American horror drama TV series has been a hit, no matter what!

Boardwalk Empire

No genuine port and grand ships for this period crime drama TV series.

Deadly Honeymoon

They were not in a Royal Caribbean cruise, in truth.

Oz, The Great and Powerful

Convinced how good James Franco is as an actor?

The Avengers

What the fiery scene with Black Widow, Thor and Captain America actually looked like..

The Dark Knight

How mind-blowing the unbelievable prosthetics is!

Greys Anatomy

Great that they added the skyline at night as backdrop!