The Most Interesting Superhero Reinventions Ever!

Batman and Superman are just two of the superheroes that have been reinvented more than once. When a new actor plays any of these costumed crusaders, the costume is also changed. Whether the reinvented look is a lot better than the previous one, it's for the people to judge. Here are the most interesting superhero reinventions that have been done through the years.

The red suit of The Flash.

The four costumes of Captain America.

Thor's armor now and then.

The Hulk was reinvented three times.

The many costumes of Spider-Man.

Batman's costumes are moving more and more away from the comic book look.

Daredevil had two reinventions.

Fantastic Four was reinvented twice.

Joker costumes and makeup are one of the most interesting ever.

It seems directors of Wolverine can't find the look that will satisfy them.

Catwoman over the years.

Supergirl was also reinvented like Superman.

I like Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman best.

Magneto's changing looks.

Superman was reinvented four times.