The Best Of Expectation Vs. Reality

In some cases you look marvelous, as, truly impressive...and different times you truly don't. Infrequently a rude unforgiving awakening is all we truly require. Like those doltish bug-peered toward shades that young ladies wear, you think you look like Paris Hilton, BUT YOU DON'T. So, stop it.

Red Messy Lipstick

Agree. There are times that you think your lips are kissable.

Just when you though you are SEXY, but NOT.

Sexy and beautiful? Once in a while, an unforgiving rude awakening is all we truly require.

Mr. Mustache on the Go!

Truly, the vast majority of those staches look prepubescent. Try not to be preposterous.

Mr. Attractive? or Mr. Bean?

A few chicks burrow attractive guys...but normally they're not entertaining looking too.

Thinking Like You Sleep Like an Angel

But you don't. Never, ever fall asleep in public places... or cover your face!

Twerk it Like Miley

What young ladies think they look like while twerking isn't precisely what they really look like when they're twerking.

Seriously...the reality is spot on.

At least, a sexy elephant.

Check on the Flaws First.

Oh well! Just try to use a mirror.

The bug-eyed Look

At times, an unforgiving serious stun is all we truly require. Use a mirror before going out!

When you think you are cute, but you look like a horse.

Sometimes, when you think you look good while yawning. After posting it on Instagram, you suddenly realized that you look like a horse. :)

Is the Duck Face Cute? It depends.

The duck face never looks great unless you're a super model.

"Do I look Like James Bond?" But, NO!

Check and check, before checking out an item before you repent.

Men Buying an Alcohol Does Not Look Like Tom Cruise. Never!

Keep it cool, men!

A very sexy suit as you imagined... A lose one in reality.

The importance of mirror is to check yourself if you look good or not. Then, see?

Selfie ha?

When you feel that you look like handsome while taking the photo, then you are sad because it does not look like what you expected upon viewing it.