The Best Collection of "Said No One Ever"

"I don't like this post" - said no one ever. Enjoy your time!

Some Awesome Tattoos!

Can you say the same? Think again! And now again!

What About Your Popcorn!

We all don't wait for the movie to start! Do you wait?


Do you still hate it? Nobody can say "YAY"

Yay Monday!

Whether it is school time or office time! Nobody wants Monday to come.

What You Say?

Is she your favorite? Do you like her?

Wow! Pizza!

No one! No one ever can say no to it!

Can You Have One!

Can you really resist! Is it possible?

The Famous Dent Act!

What you think about it? Does it seem realistic?

Finished The Stage!

Has anyone got the princess? After so many rejections, have you tried?

Are You A Twilight Fan?

If you are then forget about this image instantly!


We all know what Juan will say! What about you?

Every Bond Villain...

Surely has his own style! What you think?

Only One Episode!

Nah! Who said that? Yes! Obviously no one ever!

Man And Car!

Every man thinks that he can drive like the drivers in 'Fast and Furious' movies.

And Yes! The Bomb!

I wonder why all the bomb makers like to have so many colorful wires?

The Internet Connection!

What do you have to say about your internet connection now?


Do you know that yahoo also works as a search engine?

Alarm Clock!

Nobody on this universe can say that! No one!

Lets Ask Jeeves!

Have you ever asked something from Jeeves? I bet you didn't!