The 18 Most Awkward Breakups To Go Down On Facebook

So-and-so has changed their relationship status from "in a relationship" to "well this is awkward."

2 </span>. The interactive announcement:

Well, that escalated quickly:

"I knew I was forgetting something..."

5 </span>. Wrong book, bro:

"Oh yeah! Now I remember!"

*Plot twist*:

I call this one: "Michael gives his $.02."

It's simple, really:


Open mouth. Insert foot.:

20 </span>. Call up the burn unit:

"Hey, as long as we're all just being honest...":

"Let me put your mind at cost me nothing to break up with you via text!":

"Better luck next time, bro":

I guess that's one way to put it:

It was an inside job:

Julien lost two loves that day: