Taylor Swift fan responds to scammer the only way she knows how (7 Photos)

theBerry editors, have been raving for awhile now about how much they want to see Taylor Swift while she’s on her 1989 tour. Of course, with all her fans grabbing tickets months ago, prices have been stupid-expensive. So, Berry Editor Jen, acted as anybody would when desperate and cheap: She went on Craigslist.

She found a seller pretty quickly and got this in response:

Looks legit, right? Nope. Note the year in the date of the concert. It’s 1989.

She came by my desk and said she was getting played like a sparkle-covered guitar and we all decided to have some fun at this con-artist’s expense, by texting back with only Taylor Swift lyrics.

The girls already have their flights booked, but they’re still in need of tickets. If anybody knows Taylor, or knows someone affiliated with her or the Georgia Dome and want to help the girls out, email them at [email protected]

Obviously, as Taylor Swift would say, Craiglist scammers are the hunters. And we are the foxes. Or we’re the hunters and they’re the foxes? I don’t really understand that song. But either way, we’ll always have nothing but love and respect for you Swifty.