Take a look at what 60 years without a bath can do to the human body and mind!

After more than 60 years without taking a bath, this Iranian man has a severely damaged body. His mind has also seriously suffered from the isolation he has put himself through. These are shocking photos of a man who is living like an animal.

Looking at the skin and finger nails on this man's hands, it is hard to believe that they belong to a human being.

For more than 60 years, Amoo Hadji has not taken a bath!

This 80 year old man who choose to live like an animal owns a steel pipe that he uses to smoke animal droppings!

Everything about his existence is dirty!

For more than 60 years he has lived a filthy life in the outdoor wilderness that is in Dezhgah, Iran.

His body and skin have adapted to extreme conditions and he barely feels with his skin.

He gets everything he uses from things that others have thrown away.

The better part of his life has been spent in solitude.

He is his only friend in the world.

His life has been a lonely journey that is full of dirt and filth.

His food and belongings all come from garbage and dumpsters.

No one knows why he choose to be so dirty, but his filthy lifestyle has made his one of the loneliest people in the world.