Strong Proofs That Goodness Hasn't Left this World

You and I cannot deny the fact that humankind has faced wickedness. Still and all, we have to believe that love and kindness also dwell in the world today.

There is a manager who patiently accommodates a kid's inquiry and generous enough to give a token.

There is a man willing to save a dog, whatever it takes.

There is an ordinary lady ready to help an elderly.

There are concerned individuals who are selfless and supportive.

There are big-hearted neighbors.

There are citizens who are bold to admit their mistakes.

There is a man who can sacrifice for another.

There is a co-player who'd forget about winning just to give someone a leg up.

There is someone who can let go of profit.

There is a family who doesn't mind sharing what they have.

There's a stranger who understands your cravings.

There is father who loves his daughter like no other.

There is an individual who's all set to grant your birthday wish.

There are crowds who can reach out to you and lift you high above the ground (literally and figuratively).