Strange Things Your Body Does That You May Not Know (25 Photos)

The human body is one of the complex structures in the whole universe. We may have accepted our bodies as we see them but there are more details that skip our eyes. Here are mysterious things that happen to our bodies without our knowing it.

You are shorter by 1 centimeter when you sleep than when you are awake. This is because of your spine's cartilage compression.

In one minute your red blood cells have gone around your whole body.

When you feel like peeing, your bladder has actually expanded.

Exposure to UV rays determines the color of your eyes. At birth, most babies have blue eyes.

In their lifetime, most Western Hemisphere residents will consume 50 tons of food and 50,000 liters of liquid.

You will have to wait six months in order to have your nail completely grow.

Muscles of the eye contract 100,000 times per day.

Think about it: you will shed about 40 lbs of skin in your lifetime.

Your brain takes about 20% of your calorie and oxygen intake.

Each kidney has 1 million filters and both kidneys clean 1.3 liters of blood and release some 1.5 liters of urine each day.

Only 400 of the 500,000 eggs produced in the ovaries have the life-giving chances.

Except for twins, each person has a distinct smell.

The stomach cannot destroy itself because it produces more cells than it can destroy.

Your half a million sweat glands produce a pint of sweat everyday.

Humans are visual creatures; in fact, about 90% of the information we get are through our eyes.

You cannot make yourself laugh by your own tickling.

The skin often used to graft burn victims come from foreskins of babies.

Your bones are much stronger than concrete four times more.

An adult male's skin reach 20 feet when stretched.

A person's saliva produced in a lifetime can fill two swimming pools.

Without saliva, it would be impossible to taste anything.

Man is capable of producing sperms daily that would repopulate the world within 180 days.

Body heat produced in 30 minutes can boil a gallon of water.

The total length of the capillaries in your lungs is the same as the distance from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Dreamers often have higher IQ.