Some Dummies Posted These in Their Social Networking Sites…A Certified Face Palm!

Social networking sites nowadays are very useful especially in communicating with your friends and love ones. It’s also a great way of posting your thoughts on certain things that interests you. As well as venting out your opinion on certain things that bothers you. But, unfortunately it’s also a source of laugh trip from those funny posts from dummies just like the following:

This cooking expert needs a little review on how to convert minutes to seconds or hour, 60 seconds is equivalent to 1 minute you dummy.

This is the best example of the reason why we should pay close attention to our English teacher. I salute to her confidence level though.

Well good things she realized that it’s a mirror. However, putting a framed picture of your ceiling fan where the ceiling fan is located is actually a brilliant prank idea!

I’m confused if this girl knows what she’s really talking about. I hope she doesn’t call the elevator escalator; otherwise she’s a certified dummy.

Just to give her a benefit of the doubt, there might be a new breed of bird combining the penguin and pigeon, making it a peguin!

I was also wondering for the longest time what Obama’s last name is…not! Obama is his last name you dummy!

I wonder if this is the same person that got trapped in the escalator for hours. If not, then the two of you needs to be friends.

I didn’t know Youtube has an audition, I thought you just have to make a video and post it using your Youtube account. LOL Whoever posted this, you just made my day.

This guy just made a good reference of Willy Wonka to sugar, but I think what he meant was sugar coat and not sugar code?

This girl needs to take a crash course for geography so badly, she thinks that New York is from a totally different continent than America.

This is the dumbest question I have ever seen in Twitter, but I can see the connection why she asked about this because 1 baby = 9 months, 2 babies = 18 months. But, no dummy it’s just 9 months!

She probably thinks that her internal hard drive is connected to the computer of other people just by simply copying the link she posted in the internet.