So Apparently This Exists. Someone Take Me To Japan Right Now.

If you intend to travel to Japan, one of the most recommended places to be is Japan Universal Studios. Twice a day, you can take part of a real zombie apocalypse show. Your role will be to kill as much zombies as possible before they reach your body! The winners get their life back... Don't miss this thrilling Zombie gallery. 

The "Raccoon City"

Is the name of the zombie infected area

Waiting For The Call

The audience is waiting outside, waiting for the unknown....

Holly God, It Get Started

The "Army" Protecting The Audience

Bringing Them Inside The "Raccoon City"

One Out Of Many City Signs

Everything Looks So Realistic

Weapons For The Masses

Each visitor gets a weapon to help him kill as much zombies as possible

Laser Tag Weapon

Another Demonstration How The Weapon Looks

Grab a Weapon Before Meeting The Zombies

They Are Hiding At The Subway Station...

Are You Ready?

They are almost here!

Here They Come!

Face to Face with the Zombies

Look How Every Small Detail Is So Geniune

Enjoy Your Nightmare!