Science answers embarrassing questions (12 Photos)

Everyone has embarrassing questions that they google to avoid asking out loud. But don’t worry, science has come to the rescue with some answers. People once believed if you peed in the pool that it would create a toxic chemical called cyanogen chloride, which is similar to tear gas. The amount of chlorine needed for this reaction would probably melt your skin, so it’s safe to say you can pee in the pool. Still, I’m not saying you should.

Your hair actually has no color to it at all. Hair color depends on pigment secretion and this is why it might change over time. When your body ages, it slowly stops producing the pigment and the hair returns to its natural state. Some people’s bodies stop producing the pigment sooner than others.

Well, that’s because you consumed a shit-ton of alcohol. When you drink alcohol it makes you pee more and in turn dehydrates you. Along with that, alcohol slows down the rate that the stomach empties itself and increases production of stomach acids, which can lead to nausea. Drinking also causes blood vessels to dilate producing that pounding headache.

Morning wood, scientifically known as nocturnal penile tumescence, serves to stretch out the two sponge-like areas that cause erections. For healthy men it is natural to have this happen 3-5 times a night.

Your two nostrils are a team that work together to help you breathe, but they split the workload. Even when you’re not sick, one nostril is doing more work than the other. Your autonomic nervous system, which takes care of things you don’t consciously control, will switch this for you.

Urine is 95 percent water with sodium and chloride ions. But urine contains something the ocean does not; urea. Urea is a water-soluble organic compound that helps the body rid itself of nitrogen. When urine and ocean water combine, the nitrogen in urea produces ammonium and acts as food for the ocean’s plant life. So go for it.

Sweaty palms can be caused by two things: emotional stress and your body trying to regulate its temperature. When you get nervous, scared, or excited your sympathetic nervous system will stimulate Eccrine glands on your face, palms, armpits, and more.

In the beginning weeks of being in the womb, the embryo starts as a woman and follows that blueprint until testosterone plays its part in males and changes the genetic activity of cells in the genitals and brain. The nipples are there for good after that.