Restaurant owner calls out vegans and the battle that ensued is legendary (17 Photos)

Before this week, The White Moose Cafe was a quaint, little eatery in Dublin, Ireland, serving up reasonably priced cuisine. The only flaw The White Moose Cafe had, apparently, was that it didn’t expect the wrath of vegans across the world.

The story begins when owner Paul Stenson wrote of a recent encounter with a vegan customer.

He made these remarks and then went back to business as usual… Until another vegan saw the rant, became bonus-level infuriated, and posted it to several vegan Facebook groups.

As the vegans banded together against Stenson, he took a stand.

Vegan commenters didn’t stop — and neither did Stenson.

Updating his cover photo to this adorable cartoon didn’t help to situation, of course. A few of the vegans hit their boiling point. Because of this, Stenson issued a “sincere” apology.

As fate would have it, “P.S. Fuck You” didn’t sit too well with the angry vegans and they began protesting his cafe online.

Along with the death threats.

In a peculiar twist, Stenson said non-vegans started standing up for him all over the Internet. “The non-vegan interwebs started to hear about the whole thing and they loved my stance,” he wrote.

However, there are still those who definitely disagree with him, going as far as to make Facebook groups.

But, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Stenson has repeatedly said he’s been joking all along and will serve anyone. He only asks customers to give his staff some warning so they can prepare.

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