Random and fascinating facts to kick off your week (21 Photos)

The Swedish national women’s football team was beaten in a friendly match by a group of local teen boys.

The guy in the Techno-Viking video successfully sued the guy who recorded the famous video and made it public.

One day is longer than a year on Venus.

The term ‘nimrod’ is often used as a synonym for goofball. Wrongfully so. ‘Nimrod’ was actually a famous hunter in the Old Testament. The confusion began when Bugs Bunny sarcastically called Elmer Fudd that name and people ran with it.

It’s legal to deny employment based on race in South Korea.

Illona Staller, a Hungarian porn star was elected into the Italian Parliament in 1979. She has since become a successful politician.

Stephen King only charges $1 to adapt his short stories into films. He calls them ‘dollar babies’.

‘Petrichor’ is the word for the scent that is produced during rainfall on dry soil.

In the movie Die Hard, the Nakatomi building is actually the Fox Plaza.

A Seattle businessman founded a sperm bank in 1980 which accepted sperm only from Nobel laureates or accomplished men. The intent was to create genetically superior children. Of the 218 children born under the program, many are reportedly geniuses at various disciplines.

There was a group of actresses that were hired to lead fake lives for a year and a half as the Dutch girlband ADAM for an elaborate plan to make a reality TV show.

The majority of bee species (about 95%) are solitary and do not work in a collective hive.

Despite popular belief, South Korea is the country that drinks the most spirits. They average 13.7 shots of hard liquor consumed a week on average. That amount is twice what the Russians drink.

James Bond’s adversaries were named after real people that Ian Fleming knew and disliked.

The Pakokku clan of Burma tattoo their bodies with cobra and viper venom as a form of inoculation against the venom.

The rock band ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’ were referred to as ‘The Pigeons of Shit Metal’ by Axl Rose, and were subsequently kicked off of their joint tour.

One of the most popular Japanese hot-springs, Fudo no Yu, was closed down because people continuously started orgies in and around it.

Howard Hughes bought an entire casino just so he could tear down their neon sign. Visible from Hughes’ bedroom, it apparently had kept him up at night.

Debbie Harry is considered the first rapper to chart at number one in the United States. She turns 70 this year.

Due to the similar protein composition, blood can used as an egg substitute in baking and making ice cream.

In 1942, Jack Woolams, a test pilot for the new top secret ‘Jet Engine’ aircraft, would surprise unsuspecting propeller planes by flying alongside them while wearing a gorillas suit and smoking a cigar.