Mom loses battle to cancer but delivers a letter to her family and wins the war (3 Photos)

Heather McManamy is the amazing mother and wife who just this past week died after a long bout with breast cancer. At her request, her husband Jeff shared a final letter she wrote to friends and family after her passing. But the letter isn’t all sad and gloomy, in fact, if anything it is uplifting, humorous and full of hope. Heather would rather others remember the bright side of life rather than to mourn her death. Without further delay, I’ll let Heather take it away…

“So…I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, apparently, I’m dead. Good news, if you’re reading this, is that you are most definitely not (unless they have wifi in the afterlife). Yes, this sucks. It sucks beyond words, but I’m just so damn glad I lived a life so full of love, joy and amazing friends. I am lucky to honestly say that I have zero regrets and I spent every ounce of energy I had living life to the fullest. I love you all and thank you for this awesome life.” She continued with advice for how to treat her beautiful daughter with the news… “Please, please, please do not tell Brianna that I am in heaven. In her mind, that means that I chose to be somewhere else and left her. In reality, I did everything I could to be here with her, as there is nowhere, NOWHERE, I would rather be than with her and Jeff. Please don’t confuse her and let her think for one second that is not true. Because, I am not in heaven. I’m here. But no longer in the crappy body that turned against me. My energy, my love, my laughter, those incredible memories, it’s all here with you…Please tell Brianna stories, so she knows how much I love her and how proud of her I will always be (and make me sound waaay cooler than I am).”

Then Heather turned her focus on how she is the victor, not the loser to the cancer… “And don’t say I lost to cancer. Because cancer may have taken almost everything from me, but it never took my love or my hope or my joy. It wasn’t a “battle” it was just life, which is often brutally random and unfair, and that’s simply how it goes sometimes. I didn’t lose, dammit. The way I lived for years with cancer is something I consider a pretty big victory.” And lastly, she reminded people to celebrate her and their own life, not to fear death… “If you go to my funeral, please run up a bar tab that would make me proud. Heck, blast “Keg on My Coffin” and dance on the bar for me (because there had better be a dance party at some point). Celebrate the beauty of life with a kickass party because you know that’s what I want and I believe that in a weird way, I will find a way to be there too (you know how much I hate missing out on fun). I look forward to haunting each one of you, so this isn’t so much a goodbye as it is see you later.” God bless Heather for her bright outlook on life on this earth and long after. To see her letter in its entirety you can view it HERE. I strongly encourage all to view this. It is beyond inspirational, and uplifting, despite the many tears I shed.