Man is pranking his postal service with challenging packages (13 Photos)

Sending letters and packages via the postal service is something that we’re all familiar with. Typically we send plain envelopes or standard boxes that contain our items, but that seems a bit boring, right? Irishman, David Curran, has recently decided to spice things up and test the reliability of the his postall service over in Ireland by sending packages and envelopes that are more of a challenge to get delivered. Some of these packages have made it to their destination, while a few have faced other fates. For starters, this globe had the address but instead of writing the country in, he drew an arrow to the United states. Unfortunately, the package never made it.

This six sided dice had a piece of the address on each side. It passed the test and it was delivered.

This letter had a small opening and a wheel that had to be spun in order to see the full address. It was delivered.

Another design from a pop up book with pull tabs to view the full address. This one made it to it’s destination too.

The crossword letter is quite the challenge but you’ll be happy to know it was delivered.

Everyone likes a good puzzle. Well, this one was delivered, and they even threw in a note explaining why they had to open it.

There’s not much more that an adreess and a stamp, but apparently that’s all they needed because it was delivered.

This one seems simple. Just a clear piece of plastic with an address and a stamp. Unfortunately they rejected this one and it never made it to its destination.

This may be the toughest one David has sent out, and mysteriously it was sent back to his house with his name on it, despite ever having put his name or return address on any of these packages. Weird.

Ah, the famous ‘Mobious Strip.’ Takes me back to the calculus days. This little guy was just a bit too flimsy to make it through the system and it was lost in the post.

This roll of toilet paper filled with poems made it through the system with ease.

Last, but not least, he wrote everything mirrored. Whoever delivered this one must have known to use the rear-view mirror because it made it to its destination with ease. (Source)