Kids games that have been tarnished by booze (10 Photos)

Duck, Duck, Grey Goose Gone are the days when Duck, Duck, Goose was just a simple and innocent way to have fun with your peers. Tarnished by Grey Goose (or any alcohol for that matter), people have found a way to incorporate drinking a lot of booze into the game of running in a circle around your friends. Trust me when I say that this game can get a bit messy, real quick. Expect a few bruises after you’re done with this one.

Shots and Ladders ‘Shoots and Ladders’was such a great game that brought many families together for family game night. That was of course until someone decided that every time you take a ‘shoot,’ then you must take a shot. If you’re looking to relive some nostalgic moments while also getting plastered, then this is the game for you.

Dizzy Bat Remember when you were a kid and you would spin around a bat until you were dizzy before you had to hit the whiffle ball? Well, those days are gone since people decided to fill that plastic bat with beer and chug before you hit. The rules are simple in that you chug the beer in the bat, spin around it for however many seconds it took to chug the beer, and then you’ve got to hit the can of beer that you just chugged. Sounds easy, right?

Super Smashed Bros. If you’re a fan of the Super SmashBros. series, then you really need to try this out. It’s actually quite simple. If you die, you drink. If you’re the winner, you deal a drink. If you’re the loser, you finish your drink. Finally, if you use an item, you have to take a drink. After a while it all starts to add up and the maps begin to sway back and forth.

Drunk Jenga Jenga has always been a game of skill and luck, but now it’s so much more than that. People decided that it was a good idea to write a rule on each tile that corresponds to something surrounding the act of drinking. This is a good way to get drunk very fast.

Battleshots Battleship was always a great way to take down your friends in a very innocent manner. When alcohol got introduces, the innocence was tarnished. In this version, you have to take a shot anytime someone gets a ‘hit.’ trust me when I say you’re going to be drunk.

Spin the Shot Remember when ‘spin the bottle’ was all the craze back in middle school? Well, why not add drinking to the simple concept? Grab yourself a Spin The Shot HERE and drink away. Bonus: you can still play with the kissing rule for an added edge.

Wizard Staff Remember when you used to stack the markers back in elementary school? Everyone would stack them as high as possible until the stack broke or someone decided to use it as a sword. Regardless, this same concept was brought to the world of alcohol with ‘Wizard Staff,’ where the idea is to tape all of your empty beer cans to the bottom of your current beer until you have, well, a wizard staff.

Drunken Twister While the name may not be very creative, the game is a sure fire way to get shit-faced. No longer is it just a slap on the wrist if you fall on the mat, now you’ve got to take a shot when you do. For an added bonus, make it a rule that you have to do a body shot if you’re ever in a position that puts your stomach facing up. Hell, turn it into ‘Strip Twister’ too if you’re really looking for a fun time.

Beerio Kart Just a warning, this is probably the best way to ruin friendships. No longer is it just a race to the finish line with this game, as you also have to finish a beer before the race is over. It’s actually harder than it sounds because you’re not allowed to drink while the controller is in your hand, as that would be drinking and driving.