I had no idea I was doing it wrong this whole time (15 Photos)

You’re supposed to use only a dab of toothpaste. And you’re not supposed to rinse after you brush.

Lay a wooden spoon over the top of your pots to prevent spillover when things boil. The wooden spoon can take more heat that its plastic counterparts and it pops the steam bubbles.

You’re supposed to use the soda tab to hold your straw.

Use a paper clip to pop the reset button on the ink cartridge when the computer says you;re out of ink. It’s like an extra amount for emergency printing.

You’re supposed to use your Chinese takeout container as a plate.

Spread the edges of your ketchup cups for easier access.

You’re supposed to push in the tabs on either end of the aluminum foil box to prevent the roll from coming out.

Fold the Greek yogurt container in half to pour out the topping.

Use the hole in the pot handle to hold your spoon when cooking.

Pull the sides of the juice box out so that your kids can hold onto them and the juice from spilling.

Hold the close door button while using the elevator, so that it doesn’t stop on the way.

You’re supposed to place the flap of toilet seat covers in the front, not in the back.

You’re supposed to use a flange plunger for your toilet and a cup plunger for your sink. You just use the cup plunger for both, don’t you?

Use staple removers to open key rings, not destroy your nails trying to do that.

Store peanut butter upside down so that the oils distribute evenly.