Here's some more holidays to look forward to in July (14 Photos)

July 4th: Sidewalk Egg Frying Day In between your full-on American-style celebrating, take a moment to put that age-old expression “so hot outside you could fry an egg” to the test. Oatman, Arizona goes to another level and holds an annual solar-frying contest.

July 6th: International Kissing Day Ahhh, summer love. Start it off right by laying a big one on the hottie you meet at your July 4th party…but be careful, it’s also cited as a direct cause for National Mono Day.

July 8th: International Town Criers Day Before the days of Twitter, or even a newspaper, every town had a ‘crier’ who kept the residents up to date on all the happenings. Bring it back, just for one day.

July 11th: Slurpee Day Of course you get a free Slurpee on 7/11. This year the franchise turns 88.

July 11th: World Population Day While you’re recovering from your massive brain freeze, take a moment to reflect on the big whole you are a part of. The United Nations Population Fund continues to advocate its Universal Access to Reproductive Health initiative in honor of this holiday.

July 13th: National French Fries Day Just go to town on the damn things. Rumor has it they have no calories on their special day.

July 14th: National Nude Day Originating in New Zealand, this private holiday encourages everyone to just let everything breathe. Don’t do anything illegal.

July 14th: Bastille Day It may have been a giant victory in France, but more than 50 US cities host big celebrations in honor of the event. Indulge in delicious French food and break out the leftover fireworks. If your city has loose public nudity laws, you can kill two birds with one stone.

July 19th: National Flitch Day In the 15th century, a ‘flitch’ referred to an amount of bacon offered to married couples by local monks who could prove a year’s worth of matrimonial bliss to a jury of their peers. The modern-day flitch ceremony now takes place once every 4 years, but it’s really just all about the bacon.

July 26th: National Talk In An Elevator Day Most people feel uncomfortable when you’re forced to stand in a box with strangers. But on this day, strike up a conversation. You never know who you could meet.

July 27th-Bagpipe Appreciation Day Whip out your kilt and honor the instrument that everyone secretly loves.

July 29th: National Lasagna Day Again, no calories count for this glorious celebration.