Here are some things to make you feel really old (19 Photos)

Shawn and Cory are now older than Mr. Turner was when he started on ‘Boy Meets World.’

‘Kill Bill’ turns 12 this year.

Jennifer Lopez wore her green dress 15 years ago.

It’s been 15 years since Y2K.

Cindy Crawford is 49, her daughter Kaia, is 13 years old.

Eminem mooned the world at the MTV Music Awards 11 years ago.

Tyson bitting off part of Holyfield’s ear was 18 years ago.

It’s has been almost 12 years since the Paris Hilton sex tape scandal.

The very last episode of ‘Saved By The Bell’ aired 22 years ago.

20 years ago Elizabeth Berkley stripped down in ‘Showgirls.’

The Milli Vanilli scandal happened over 25 years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor of California almost 12 years ago.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Meadow in ‘The Soprano’s,’ is now 34.

Hana Hatae, the little girl from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ is now 27.

The global financial crisis was over 7 years ago.

People started dancing the ‘Macarena’ 19 years ago.

17 years ago Brandy and Monica fought over a boy in “The Boy Is Mine.”

The ‘Sixth Sense’ hit theaters 16 years ago. Haley Joe Osment (Cole) is now 27.

George W. Bush became the 43rd President over 14 years ago.