Guy adopts cat. Cat turns out to have an amazing talent... (20 Photos)

When Craig Armstrong adopted his cat from a shelter, he knew that he was adding another member to his family. What he didn’t know, though, was that he was also getting a new best friend and rock climbing partner. Millie isn’t your normal feline. She isn’t finicky when it comes to climbing crags and rock faces. In fact, she loves it. She naturally seeks out the high ground and challenges Craig, just as much as she is just there to keep him company. This cat takes the cake.

It took a while to get her used to the idea…

But then she was hooked.

Craig has to work slowly up the mountain in order to keep an eye on Millie.

“It’s taken a lot of practice and many trips to get Millie to the point where she follows me down a trail past areas like thickets that would have distracted her otherwise.”

She usually doesn’t like wide open spaces with no cover…

And she even teaches other cats her tricks.

Of course, Craig always keeps her safe with harnesses.

He treats her like any other climbing partner.

She loves slabby areas that she can scramble across.

Needless to say, Millie isn’t a normal cat.