Get to Know These Life-changing Phone Apps. Waste NO Time and Install Them Now!

Are you tech-savvy, always on the go and a smartphone buff? Nothing wrong with that. But, just when you think you already have it all to stay connected with the world, there comes a roll of awesome apps that will surely make you cry for joy. Okay, that's an exaggeration! Kidding aside, you have to see and test run these apps. You'll definitely agree when we say, again, that they're awesome.


Say farewell to long lines in taxi stands. With Lyft, you will be able to get a ride quickly and that comes with the driver's profile.


The best thing with Triposo is it runs even if you're not online. So, start planning your next trip adventure with this app!


You don't have to open multiple windows to get access to your social media network accounts. 'Cause Cloze is here to help you!


Pocket says: Save now while online, read or watch later. It lets you enjoy blogs, articles and vids even when you are offline.


Stargazers, this one's for you! Discover star patterns and cloud formations at different dates and times with SkyView.


If you're task-oriented, you feel so much accomplished when you tick off all boxes on your daily planner. 30/30 can make your life more organized.

Around Me

Want good food or need to fill up your gas tank? Turn to Around Me for the best places you're looking for across the neighborhood.


You have numerous e-mail addresses and receive several messages daily. What you should do next is download Mailbox to help you manage your inbox.


Snapseed is a photo lover's bestfriend. It's easy to use while cropping or adjusting filters of your selfies.


Down the road, Waze is your app to have. This notifies you of traffic flows, speedy directions and clear landmarks.


Gympact lets you shed some pounds with a twist. Two things can happen: Your credit card will be charged for being a couch potato or you will receive payment if you start doing those lunges.

Todomovies 3

Todomovies 3 is an answer to the frequent moviegoers. Through this app, you get front seats to the trailers of much-awaited films.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight provides a detailed listing of accommodations, which are also categorized according to star ratings. And it offers low, low rates too!


You don't have to hit the gym if you have Hot5. Short workout videos and effective exercise plans are just some of its features.