Dying 22-year-old rejects organ transplant to fulfill her bucket list (10 Photos)

Channan Petrides, 22, is terminally ill and has recently made the difficult yet reasoned decision to turn down a chance to receive a new heart and lungs so that she could pursue the items on her bucket list.

She has incurable cystic fibrosis and had been on a transplant list since September 2014. But she decided to remove herself because of the many risks a transplant would pose.

When she spoke to doctors about the surgery, they explained that there was a good chance she could die on the operating table, or that the new organs would fail within six months. Even if she survived, she would have to take a series of strong antibiotics to fight infection, and would be severely limited in the activities she could do. Weighing up the risks, Miss Petrides came to the conclusion that she would rather enjoy the time she has left, than risk dying in order to expend that time, possibly by only a few months.

While her loved ones where upset initially, they have since come around to her way of thinking and are helping her complete her bucket list. So far, her adventures have included everything from helicopter and hot air balloon rides, to attending West Ham games, safari tours, and receiving goodies from Ed Sheeran.

She’s already accomplished or has plans set for most items. She still very much wants to meet Ed Sheeran in person, but also needs to go to Disney Land Paris, the London Aquarium, the London Eye, have a birthday party, and walk the red carpet of the Brit Awards. Petrides acknowledges that she doesn’t always appear ill but is on borrowed time. She’s hoping her situation will educate others about the severity of cystic fibrosis. If you’d like to follow Channon’s inspirational story, check out her Instagram.