Don't Miss Out on These Cool Kitchen Must-haves Today!

For sure, you'll frequent your kitchen once you become an owner of these awesome cooking and dining utensils. Go, grab them now!

Have a morning fix with Super Mario Bros. mug and coaster.

Why not cut a sandwich with a Tetris cutter?

Boys will be boys with these R2-D2 measuring cups and spoons.

How about this oven glove channeling Star Trek's Spock?

Cut or slice food using a board with Nintendo Entertainment System design.

Let Gollum guard your biscuits and cookies in the jar.

Wouldn't it be fun to toast sliced bread with Darth Vader?

Piranha plant glasses make wine drinking really cute.

No, those are not lightsabers, but ice popsicle sticks!

Next time, try grilling hotdogs with an X-wing starfighter.

Want Pac-Man ghosts be part of your kitchen as salt and pepper shakers?

GameBooze container for your drinks? Good idea!

A mug design that changes when it's hot and cold! Wow!

Stock up your snacks in a Rubik's cube personal refrigerator.

Make use of Lego blocks through this mug with coffee, tea or choco.