Damn! These 20 People Really Have A Bad Day!

Waking up in the morning feeling rested and optimistic about the day ahead is something that most people want for when they go to sleep. Getting what you want completely does not happen to everyone, because there are things like accidents, [email protected], and misfortunes that can get in the way. I'll bet like anyone else, you have your share of these!

Your scissors broke down when you have not yet opened another set of scissors.

Your ice cream fell down the carpet before you have tasted it.

Clarify an info through text and you are given a vague reply.

Pull the keyhole off your car's door.

Sprinkle pepper in your pizza and the lid came off.

Saw a spider atop the can of an insect killer spray.

The gas cap came off when you're loading gas.

The glass scale shattered into pieces on the floor and you're barefoot.

You dropped your pizza when you were trying to take a bite.

The oven door came off when you're baking food.

The handle of the knife loosened when you're slicing cheese.

The basketball stayed on top of the ring instead of falling through it.

Your shoelace got stuck on the chair's wheel.

You got a message that "iPod is disabled."

The key of your Honda broke off.

The hem of your dress got stuck in the escalator.

You dropped the cake that you baked the whole day.

The yummy cheese cake fell off your plate.

You banged your arm on the door and dropped the pizza.

Assigned an email address that sounds so suggestive and embarrassing.