Cool Stunts Made By 15 Real Cops That Can Make You Say “I Love Cops!”

It's very rare that we saw cops being cool in real life because we usually saw them in movies. Remember the Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys movie franchises? You won't believe it, but cops like them really exist! Why not check for yourself?

People in the service might want to try having cops on skateboard to chase the bad guys hmm? That would be amazing!

Cops doing the twerk would be a sight to behold! Wait a minute! I think that cop is enjoying himself immensely!

Cops as DJ would definitely make the crowd go crazy! Why not change into a Paris Hilton costume girls?

Cops acting like tourists and taking pictures of a cute dog is not an everyday scene!

Cops sharpening their shooting skills in an arcade. Hope you're doing that on your breaktime huh? Or you'll be mobbed by angry taxpayers!

Cops that are desperate to capture the burglars will do anything. Even offer a free iPad to sweeten the deal. Genius or ridiculous?

Cop showing people how he keep himself fit. I'll bet his daughter taught him those moves!

Awkward cop caught on camera! Showing people how to fall on your face perfectly?

I'll bet you a dollar that cop is studying this move. Well, it might come handy when chasing thugs you know!

Run, turtle, run! The cop is hot on your tail! Don't want to end up as his meal do you?

Cops doing stunts are fun to see! But this stunt will not help them catch the bad guys right?

Cop doing surveillance does not want to be recognized but he's catching too much attention. It's a failed mission!

Yeah, that's right! Show them your mean moves! Now, where are the bad guys?

Cops who are die-hard Walking Dead fanatics will be talking about zoombies just to have a laugh!

A cop too ashamed to witness his boy's girlfriends getting in party mood. Sorry Dad but you're off duty to scold them!