Cheer Up, Coffee-Lovers! Here Are 15 Interesting Facts About Coffee That Will Make You Want To Drink More

While there are many stemming arguments about the true effects of coffee in our bodies, the fact still remains that most of us can't start the day without it. So, how well do you really know your coffee? Here are 15 interesting facts that would make us, coffee-lovers, smile before we head to the nearest Starbucks.

That elephant dung surely tastes like heaven.

Did you know that your favorite black ivory coffee is refined by street rescued elephants? It is the world's most expensive coffee, costing $50 per cup and promises the most unforgettable coffee experience.

Coffee does not cause dehydration.

Coffee was once known as diuretic but it was later on found out to be false unless consumed in ridiculously large quantities. In fact, dieticians agree that coffee taken in moderation (no more than 500-600 mg/day) does not significantly affect your urine output.

Your coffee intake can save you from cirrhosis.

Coffee is discovered to be good for your liver. Recent studies showed that drinking four cups of your favorite coffee everyday would mean a greater chance of avoiding liver-related conditions.

Caffeine increases your performance level during your workout routine.

Your cup of coffee can produce greater level of adrenaline and release fatty acids. This is good for your physical performance and would therefore improve your body activity.

Coffee beans actually came from coffee berries.

Most of us have been aware about the existence of coffee beans but not everyone knew that these beans are the seed inside the purple fruit called coffee cherry or berries. These cherries come from small trees commonly found in areas of Africa and Asia.

Coffee contains energizing crystals.

Did you know that coffee contains tiny crystals which make it so energizing? This is why caffeine is considered one of the most effective energy-boosters.

Drinking coffee increases your metabolism.

Forget about your weight loss drinks because coffee is here to do the work for you. Studies show that drinking coffee can increase your metabolism by 3 to 11 percent and it has powers that help burn fats.

Coffee is packed with the necessary nutrients we need from day to day.

Coffee contains 6% Pantothenic Acid vitamin B5, 11% Riboflavin vitamin B2, 3% potassium and other necessary nutrients that your body need on a daily basis. All these can be found in a single cup of your healthy coffee.

The history of coffee shops can be traced as far as King Charles II's rule.

In 1675, King Charles suppressed the existence of London coffeehouse due to his belief that this had become a meeting place for people who are against his rule. Later on, coffee shops are turned and developed into a social rendezvous.

Webcam was originally created to stream footage of an empty coffee pot.

Webcam has already gone a long way coming from its initial purpose. In 1991, the first webcam was created to stream footage of a coffee pot which helped a specific group of office workers tell if the pot needs refilling or not.

Ten minutes is all it takes to be energized.

While you savor your coffee-drinking moment, it only takes ten minutes for the caffeine to take effect and become energized. Research also showed that coffee fights the possibility of Alzheimer's by 65%.

A place called The "Coffee Belt" serves as the planet's haven for coffee.

All coffee products in the world are grown and taken at a place named The Coffee Belt. This area serves as a haven for all nations with demands for coffee due to its sunny and warm weather.

Who needs coffee first thing in the morning? You don't.

Contrary to what people believe, nobody needs coffee the moment they open their eyes. This is because your body is designed to produce cortisol hormone which makes you awake and alert in the morning.

Coffee helps increase your longevity.

Do you want to live a healthy and long lasting life? Then coffee will definitely work for you. It helps on reducing your risk of heart disease, Parkinson's, and Type II Diabetes which eventually lead to an increased life expectancy.

Had it not been for crazy goats, coffee will not be discovered.

Like any other unexpected yet brilliant discoveries that we heard of, the caffeinating effects of coffee will not be recognized if not for the crazy goats that accidentally ate berries and became high-spirited.