Casino Facts That Proves That "The House Always Wins"

Ever wonder why there is a saying that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? Well, aside from the lewd acts and programs in the strip, there are some secrets inside the casinos that most people may know or impliedly know, but just chose to ignore them - in an attempt to win and beat the house. Well, the thing is, the house will always win - they design everything in the casinos in order for you to lose your money. Really, it's almost genius when you think about it - they create the illusion of winning when in reality the people are actually paying the casino just to enjoy.

Atlantic City's first fifteen casino years was filled with crime that violent crimes doubled, while larceny almost quintipled

sixty-seven percent of gambling addicts become criminals; just to be able to gamble again

Casinos are built and outlined like mazes in order to make it difficult to get out

Giving its patrons free drinks is also a strategy to keep the casino clients gambling

Giving people free meals and shows also keeps their clients INSIDE their casinos

Casinos have so many "near win" machines that people will always think that the they will win the next hand or slot

Even the location of the bathrooms and restaurant are strategically placed deep in the casino, so it's even harder to get out

Even the lighting is designed to make you comfortable

Religions have tolerated and even supported gambling in the past

The blinking lights in the casino simulate that people are winning, when it fact they aren't

There are almost no clocks and windows in the casino floor, so it will be hard to tell time

Statisticians and pattern freaks like to keep track of results; it doesn't really help in winning

The fact of knowing the game or tricks doesn't automatically increase your chances of winning

The common belief that you can win back your losses if you play longer is definitely false

People has been gambling since the prehistoric periods

The more you gamble in the casinos, the more likely you will loss your money

Only 9% of Native Americans in California are actively benefiting from the casinos in the area